Owl Collection

People say I collect owls. No, they collect me. Although owls are not really my bird, because I always thought the hawk was, they are always looming nearby, real ones, wooden ones on my wall, little candle owls and ok, maybe some in my dreams.

The owl totem is said to be all about knowledge. In my case, it would have to be a lack of knowledge in so many instances. Yeah. I do dumb things. But the hawk totem is for ever-changing, and renewing your life. That is me for sure, either intentional or not in some cases.

The wisdom of an owl that makes strange crying noises and wakes me up around 3 am is probably all centered around his own explanation “Hey, there are fresh squirrels for the taking over in this yard.” Yeah, I wish he would shut it at this time of day. Nothing mystical about it.

Ok, so I bought an owl lamp. A tiny white one because I did need a new tiny lamp for a certain nook I carved out in my L area. There it was in the tiny lamp section at Walmart. At first I said, no it’s an owl! Then I recalled my daughter’s walk through my yard when she visited when she spotted a very large white owl out there. White? I just hope he is a squirrel eater. Yeah, I said that. My daughters both believe I am crazy for wanting squirrels to die but that is another story.

I looked for that white owl. When I walking Layla, my tree-walking coon hound, we were both started by a giant brown owl swooping through the trees near dusk. He looked like he was hunting. Squirrels? Yah!

Yes, my collection of owls has grown again, a new lamp owl and a new brown owl. But I still do not collect owls!!





Share Your World

Which tastes better: black or green olives? 

I used to love the green ones when I was a child. I remember taking the pimentos out and sticking them on my fingers and eating them one by one. Yeah, I was like that. But now I love to soak black olives in Italian dressing, yum.

What’s your favorite room in your home?

My favorite room in my home is my barn. Ok, technically it is not IN the house, but it is my favorite place to hang out. As you see, it has character and most of that handy work is mine (after I learned to make repairs with newly acquired drill). I am working toward a saw but not quite brave enough yet.


What fictional family would you be a member of? 

They don’t call me Marsha, Marsha, Marsha for no apparent reason! So of course, The Brady Bunch!


What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

There is nothing in the world like watching your child care for her baby.  Being Gmom is something I appreciate more every day!


Eat your chocolate inside!

Smell of smoke(my neighbor is a pyromaniac), temp reaching about 95 degrees at 5:27 pm., the flies are no longer affected by my slightly used citronella candle, and it is too humid today for my usual afternoon, after work, chill out sitting on the porch watching the horses eat their supper.  Dog days of summer? Chocolate melts and my leftover Reese cup that I plan on savoring with my ice cold Jack Nicolson Golden Bear lemonade is already somewhat mushy.  On hot sweltering afternoons such as this, it is best to forget the porch sitting and just eat your chocolate inside! B80A020E-E395-49BB-93E4-044193F12F9E

No Lime Needed


I am a very mature student returning to college after so many years it is almost laughable. Ok, I am an old student. But aren’t we all students of something always? I am alarmed when I communicate with other students who have no clue they will be so much more someday. So much more! They will stop and start and do it all again over and over, unless they are really blessed with some magnificent talent that grants them immunity from trying to figure out what they want to do for 30 years or so. Yes, there are those, few and far between. I wonder how they relax in the breaks between semesters. Considering I am old but not one of those above, I have a beer, actually several, sometimes daily, in between those classes that just stretch you out to the max and bring you back again. Funny how that may be at least one thing we have in common. Break! Parteee! Reality, I still have to work for a living and be somewhat responsible at all times or most.  But I am most definitely in the old person college spirits!  Ok, this is really a Lager, no lime required.


His mother died in my water bucket (for horses) last week (without my help). The squirrels and I constantly battle for my back porch. They are pesky and I could do without them. But when I saw that one in the bucket, well, I felt a little sympathy. Maybe not enough for this little brat to feel like he is taking over!

No Rules Sunday

No rules Sunday. What shall I do today. Turn up the music, build a fire in the morning that heats up the already hot humid day, and rearrange some molecules. A nice wood induced sweat, one that cleanses the soul and opens the mind. Oh, and gets rid of all the limbs that have fallen in the yard over the past two months. It is still summer and I feel like something is making me think of Fall. By afternoon the heat is gone along with my fire and it feels chilly and my eye happens to catch a leaf falling from the tree. I have not moved my fake jack-o-lantern all summer. But it is August and I get it—on no rules Sunday.3E25EBFC-331D-403E-9431-F0902766ACBF